What Is a Premade Cover?

A premade cover is a finished ebook cover design, including concept, artwork, and typography. These covers are on trend for their genres and ready to publish right away.

Exclusive Designs

Each cover is sold only once. Any cover you buy will be unique to your book.


We’ll change the title and author name to yours before sending you the cover file. We’re also happy to add a series name or quoted text, or perform minor alterations to the artwork. (Examples of minor alterations include enlarging the image, color adjustments, and adding details such as tattoos.) Various type treatments are also available. More extensive alterations are possible for a fee.

If you’d like to order a print version of the cover (including back cover and spine), an audiobook version, or more custom options, please see Custom Design & Services.

Series Discount

Nearly any cover can be made into a book series—just ask! There is a 15% discount for the second, third, and so on, covers in a series.

Order a Premade Cover

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